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Fortnite Grimbles’ Love Potion Location: Where to Find the Potion at Fort Crumpet, Coral Castle or Stealthy Stronghold


Fortnite Grimbles’ Love Potion Location: Where to Find the Potion at Fort Crumpet, Coral Castle or Stealthy Stronghold

Grimbles’ Love Potion location in Fortnite is one of the things you’ll need to know if you’re going to complete the week 11 challenges. These Valentine-themed quests task players with doing all kinds of romance-centric activities around the map. In this guide, we’ll be talking you through where to find Grimbles’ Love Potion at Fort Crumpet, Coral Castle, and Stealthy Stronghold.

While the Love Potion can be found at each of these three locations, you only need to get it from one of them in order to complete the challenge. We’ll run you through each of the locations, though, so you can make your own decision.

Before we go any further, you may be wondering where each of these locations are. Stealthy Stronghold and Coral Castle should be familiar to you, as the Predator and weekly challenges have sent us to both of these locales fairly recently. You can find all three locations marked on the map below.

It’s worth noting that the Love Potion itself isn’t currently displaying in-game, as the challenges haven’t gone live at the time of publishing. However, rest assured Grimbles’ Love Potion will be in the areas we’ve marked below.

Fort Crumpet Grimbles’ Love Potion Location in Fortnite

The Love Potion can be found on a table right at the center of Fort Crumpet. Land on its east side and head into the central building.

Here you should see a glow coming from another archway right ahead of you. Make your way over to this and you should find a purple potion pot on a table.

fortnite grimble love potion location fort crumpet

Interact with this to get Grimbles’ Love Potion from Fort Crumpet.

Coral Castle Grimbles’ Love Potion Location

The potion at Coral Castle is arguably the easiest to find. Simply land on the island the furthest southwest when looking at the map, and you’ll find a shack with a shell as its roof.

Rather than going inside, head around the west side of this building and you’ll find another of Grimbles’ Love Potion lying on the ground.

Where to Find Grimbles’ Love Potion at Stealthy Stronghold

Land in the center of Stealthy Stronghold and look for the ruins with four braziers on the top of its stone columns. Drop down to its ground floor and head inside.

Here, you’ll find Grimbles’ Love Potion sitting next to a chest on the floor in a little alcove.

That’s everything you need to know to track down the Fortnite Grimbles’ Love Potion location. Check out our wiki for more tips and tricks, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our coverage on the game below.

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