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Best New Stardew Valley Mods of December 2020


Best New Stardew Valley Mods of December 2020

December 2020 was one of the best months for new Stardew Valley mods in recent memory, and we collected up some of the best of the best for you to download and enjoy.

Ridgeside Village

Best New Stardew Valley Mods December 2020

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Starting off the list with a mod that has a whopping 18,000 downloads at the time of writing is the Ridgeside Village mod by Rafseazz.

This absolutely massive mods comes with an insane 24 new NPCs. Each have dynamic schedules, unique dialog, at least four friendship events, and 10 are marriageable with five heart events. The potential love interest NPCs also have their own custom songs as well.

Along with the new NPCs, the mod includes:

  • A new town
  • New forage
  • New fish (Legendary)
  • Custom music
  • Custom quests
  • Over 160 new events
  • New shops
  • Over 200 location messages
  • NPC map locations support
  • New festivals, and more

The amount of work that went into this mod is admirable, so if there was one mod you download from this past month make sure it’s this one.

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