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Among Us: How to Download Proximity Chat Mod

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Among Us: How to Download Proximity Chat Mod

If you’ve been enjoying the hit game Among Us with your friends, you may be looking for ways to change up the gameplay to keep things interesting. Lots of streamers have been using a PC mod called CrewLink, better known as proximity chat, to enhance the game. Here’s everything you need to know about how to download proximity chat and what it is.

How to Download Proximity Chat Mod for Among Us

The first thing to know about proximity chat is what it is and why you would want to use it in the first place.

Proximity chat means that when you are using voice chat with your friends in Among Us, the closer you are to someone in the game, the better you can hear them. They become quieter the farther away you get from them, and if they are out of sight, you can’t hear them at all.

Typical rules in Among Us call for no voice chat at all during ship tasks. Proximity chat, however, allows for a greater sense of realism as you’re moving around the ship. It lets you possibly exchange important information while working on tasks.

The mod that allows you to use proximity chat in Among Us is called CrewLink. Right now, it’s only available for Among Us on PC. You can download it on GitHub right here.

The steps for using CrewLink are simple. First, after downloading the latest version of the mod, you’ll use the app to launch Among Us on your PC. Once you host or join a game, have your friends (who are also using CrewLink) join the same room.

If your friends are also using CrewLink and join the same Among Us room, they’ll appear in the CrewLink app with a green circle around their character.

If someone joins the Among Us room but they aren’t using CrewLink, their character will appear in the app but with a red circle around it. They won’t be able to hear other people or be heard.

Next, just make sure your microphone settings are correct within the app, and you’ll be good to start chatting!

If you’re still having trouble or just need a visual, the mod’s creator an in-depth setup instructions video that you can watch right here.

That’s everything you need to know about how to download proximity chat and what it is.

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