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The Airship Map is Coming to Among Us Early 2021

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The Airship Map is Coming to Among Us Early 2021

Eager Among Us fans have been rewarded for their patience at the Game Awards, as InnerSloth revealed a brand new trailer that goes over all the nooks and crannies of their newest map, The Airship.

The brand new area features as interesting new layout, including ladders and shortcuts that you can use to traverse the map more quickly. As always, Imposters have lots of room to maneuver as well, with plenty of vents that take them all over the ship.

The trailer also shows players taking out the trash and cleaning crystals/jewels, signifying The Airship will lots of unique tasks you’ll need to get the hang of if you want to survive.

The Airship is coming to both the PC and mobile version of the game for free and is set to release within the next few months in early 2021.

If you’re still looking for more Game Awards related news and announcements, check out the live coverage here, and be sure to stay tuned later for our recap of all of the official winners.

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