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7 Things MachineGames’ Indiana Jones Game Has to Have


7 Things MachineGames’ Indiana Jones Game Has to Have

Today, Bethesda revealed that MachineGames, the developer of the recent Wolfenstein reboot series, is working on a new Indiana Jones game, with Todd Howard producing. Although we know it’ll feature “an original story,” nothing else has been revealed about it quite yet. Here are seven things we hope feature in the new game once it’s out.

Satisfying Whip Gameplay

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Indy’s whip is one of the most iconic ‘weapons’ in any medium, so any game would have to do it justice. A single flick of in-game Indy’s wrist will have to feel satisfying to whoever’s holding the controller. I’m thinking Kratos’ Leviathan Axe levels of satisfying as you release and bring it back in one smooth motion.

MachineGames seem like a good choice of developer to make that a reality. While the Laserkraftwerk and other massive guns of Wolfenstein are a little different to the finesse that the legendary explorer’s whip will require, the Swedish studio has a track record of creating combat that’s build on how good the weapons feel to use.

Whether it be melting zombies with lasers or blowing them away with super-shotguns, the first-person shooter series is a smooth experience, which should translate well to Indiana Jones.

It’s unknown whether this game will be first or third-person, which could change whether the game feels more like Uncharted or Bethesda’s other shooters; but MachineGames’ first-person pedigree could suggest the former. Either way, whip gameplay that’s fun is absolutely vital for a prospective Indiana Jones game.

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