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10 Things to Do First in Cyberpunk 2077


10 Things to Do First in Cyberpunk 2077

Create Your Own V & Choose a Lifepath

things to do first in cyberpunk 2077

Before you can venture into Night City, you’ll first need to create your very own V. For those who aren’t up to speed, this is the main character you’ll be playing throughout the entire game.

There are a ton of different character creation options to choose from to enable you to customize V to your tastes, from fair color to facial and body appearance. There are even genitalia sliders, for those of you that are into that!

On top of tweaking V’s aesthetic, you’ll also need to choose their background from one of three different Lifepaths — Corporate, Street Kid and Nomad.

Each one of these Lifepaths has its own introductory sequence, making your adventure feel that little bit more personal and tailored to you. These Lifepaths will also open up unique dialog options when speaking to certain characters, which can also change the way you approach a mission.

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