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6 Ways the Next Mass Effect Can Bring the Series Back to Form

Mass Effect

6 Ways the Next Mass Effect Can Bring the Series Back to Form

With the recent announcement that a new Mass Effect game is in “Early Stages” stages of development, fans have already begun speculating about the direction the series will take. Will it continue the Mass Effect Andromeda story? Or does Bioware want another fresh start?

While no one will know for certain until Bioware tells us as much, there is plenty of room to speculate and hope. As such, we’ve put together a list of six ways we believe the next Mass Effect can bring the series back to the form fans know and love.

No More Platforming and Puzzles

Many modern single-player games tend to follow a similar archetype in that they all need to have an open world, platforming elements, and puzzles. While the Mass Effect series always had an open world to traverse, platforming and puzzles were never a staple. 

Hell, in the original series, the only jumping you could do with Shepard was when you hopped over barriers or controlled a vehicle. That changed with Mass Effect Andromeda. 

Mass Effect Andromeda added a jetpack that allows Ryder to jump around the environment, as well as a boatload of Remnant structures to explore, filled to the brim with puzzles. Neither added anything to the game, feeling tacked because most other games have those features in them as well. 

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