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6 Best Mass Effect Characters We Can’t Wait to Romance Again


6 Best Mass Effect Characters We Can’t Wait to Romance Again

Please note that there will be considerable spoilers for Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 stories and romances inside! Read at your own caution. 

Miranda Lawson

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Miranda Lawson is one of the most interesting characters to come out of Mass Effect 2, but you have to work for it to fully understand why.

On the surface, her character simply seems like she’s been added as eye candy. She wears tight clothing, is supermodel attractive, and has a different air about her overall.

Her personality is also cold and calculating. Everything she does at first seems to be in service of the human-survivalist paramilitary group Cerberus.

Through romancing her, though, you come to understand her tragic past. She seems like she is perfect because she was literally made that way by her father. 

The wealthy egomaniac was obsessed with perfection to the point where he controlled both her lifestyle and how she looked, using his own genetic template to create her. Cerberus allowed her to escape his torment, giving her a place to make more of her own choices.

Miranda’s ties to her father and Cerberus are explored even further during the events of Mass Effect 3. Not only does she leave Cerberus, but there is also a mission where you can help her confront her father.

It always bums me out that she gets the short end of the stick when it comes to many of these romances, as she only gets a significant amount of time devoted to her in Mass Effect 2. Still, it is exciting that’ll we’ll get to peel back the layers of her character and explore the meaning behind beauty being skin deep again in the Legendary Edition.

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