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5 Xbox Series X Accessories You Probably Need To Buy


5 Xbox Series X Accessories You Probably Need To Buy

An Extra Controller

Accessories To Buy With Your Xbox Series X

things to buy xbox series x

Whether you’ve got another person who regularly plays with you or not, having an extra controller for your Xbox Series X can be a lifesaver for those times when a friend quickly stops by, or your batteries run out… or you launch your other controller out the window in a fit of Call of Duty-fueled rage.

While all of your Xbox One controllers will work on the Series X, there are some refinements in the Series X’s controller, including that handy share button so you can capture screenshots and gameplay footage without having to faff around with semi opening the Xbox guide menu as you do on Xbox One.

If you’re planning on picking up a Play and Charge Kit and don’t tend to have others playing with you on your home console, the extra controller may be a little redundant, but it’s always nice to have a spare just in case!

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