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Little Hope: How to Save & Kill Everyone

how to save characters little hope

Little Hope: How to Save & Kill Everyone

The second game in The Dark Pictures Anthology series, Little Hope, is here just in time for Halloween and players will once again be tasked with trying to keep a cast of characters alive through the night. If you’re here, you might be wondering how you can go about saving (and killing) everyone: David, John, Angela, Taylor and Andrew in Little Hope. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Save Everyone in Little Hope

Compared to Until Dawn and Man of Medan, two comparable games also from Supermassive Games , saving and killing all of the main characters are bit more straight forward and telegraphed.

Spoiler warning: We’re going to talk about parts of the story that are relevant to the conditions surrounding the fate of each character. If you do not want spoilers, we suggest leaving this article.

The four characters that you have the opportunity to save throughout the game are: Angela, Taylor, Daniel and John, in that order.

As each character’s doppelganger from the past is executed, demons will begin attacking that character frequently for the rest of the game. You have a few lovely demons that will appear and chase the following players:

  • Save Angela from the chained & drowned demon
  • Save Taylor from the burnt demon
  • Save David from the impaled demon
  • Save John from the twisted broken demon

You’ll know that something bad is about to happen when these demons start showing up. Although sometimes, they do appear out of nowhere.

While you’ll occasionally need to make choices about who to help throughout the story of Little Hope, you can usually avoid all death by nailing all of the QTEs without missing. In our experience, the choices only impacted the relationships between each character.

To be safe though, if a character is not explicitly under attack from their specific demon, and you’re faced with a choice between them and someone else who is under direct attack, go and help the person who is under attack.

Also, you can occasionally arm some characters with weapons. This will give you extra opportunities to survive against demon attacks, but you still need to hit QTEs.

If you hit every QTE flawlessly you’re still not guaranteed to save everyone. You also need to make sure that Carver is convicted of witchcraft instead of Mary if you’re looking to get the best ending in Little Hope.

The third and final thing you need to do to save everyone is make each character perform an action that goes against their worst trait. These choices and actions are difficult to spot, but we’ve noted all of them for each character below:

  • Angela: To save Angela, make sure you choose the ‘Reassuring’ option and stand by John when he’s facing his demon (with the hammer).
  • Daniel: When Daniel fights his demon in the textile factory, choose the ‘Reassuring’ option and opt to fight his demon alone.
  • Taylor: At one point, Taylor will be taken by her demon and Daniel will try and help her. You need to tell Daniel to let go and let her fight her demon alone.
  • John: When the group are in the burned down house at the very end of the game, have him hold the door on his own (Heroic option). Don’t get him to ask Andrew for help.

How to Kill Everyone in Little Hope

Alternatively, if you want to get any of the above killed simply ignore the QTE sequences or fail them intentionally, and they’ll get a brutal death.

It’s really as simple as that in Little Hope in our experience playing the game. However, given it’s a choice based game, you may find your experience varies. Let us know in the comments below if you experienced something different.

Hopefully that helped you figure out how to kill and save all the everyone: John, Taylor, Angela, and David in Little Hope. For reasons we don’t want to get into, you don’t have to worry about Andrew as much. He rarely finds himself in a threatening situation.

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