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Godfall: Is There Multiplayer? Answered

Godfall, Is There Multiplayer? Answered

Godfall: Is There Multiplayer? Answered

Godfall‘s action-driven gameplay is already fun enough to play on your own, providing an expansive world to explore and a plethora of enemies to defeat. Given the fact that most games are even more fun to play when friends are involved though, you wouldn’t be blamed for wondering: Is there multiplayer in Godfall, and does it allow you to play with friends?

Well, fortunately for you, we’ve done the leg-work and found an answer.

Is There Multiplayer in Godfall? Answered

There is indeed multiplayer in Godfall, though there are some restrictions to keep in mind when trying to play alongside others.

At any given time, you can team up with as many as three other players. You can all then make your way through the game together, dispatching enemies and taking on bosses as you do.

The only catch is, there isn’t any sort of online matchmaking for this co-op experience at the time of writing. Instead, you’ll only be able to team up with people you’ve actively added to your friends list.

Will Online Matchmaking Ever Be Added in?

As for whether online matchmaking might be implemented into Godfall at a later date, it’s not impossible.

Given that the game already offered online play with others, the framework is there to allow players who don’t know each other to team up. This might come in the form of a free update or, in a worst-case scenario, as a very cheaply-priced DLC. Though the former seems far more likely than the latter.

However, this is all speculation. No news of such an addition has been announced at this time, and as such there’s no concrete evidence that the feature will ever be added.

Hopefully this cleared up whether or not there’s multiplayer in Godfall. For more on the game, check out some of our other guides on topics like what the max level cap is and how to get Electrum fast.

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