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Deep Stone Crypt: Security First Encounter 1 Raid Guide & Rewards

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Deep Stone Crypt: Security First Encounter 1 Raid Guide & Rewards

After you’ve braved the biting cold and have entered the Deep Stone Crypt proper, you’ll be confronted with a problem: you won’t be able to advance further without cracking through Security first. In this guide we’re going to go over how to complete the first encounter: Security in the Destiny 2 raid Deep Stone Crypt.

Deep Stone Crypt Encounter 1 Raid Guide – Security

So, in this guide of the Deep Stone Crypt Encounter 1, known as Security, and our future guides of each encounter, we’re going to go for a combination of safe and effective. This may not be the fastest way to complete the Security encounter, but it should be easy to execute. Or at least, as easy as it will get.

We’re going to start by explaining the roles and basics of the encounter. If you already understand what a Scanner and an Operator does and just want a quick summary of what to do, scroll down until you see some bullet points for a TLDR.

Recommended Weapon Loadout for First Encounter

For the first encounter of Deep Stone Crypt, you’re going to need two specific things. First, a way to combat Overload champions. Overload rounds or abilities augmented via an artifact will suffice.

For the damage phase, you’ll want something high burst DPS that isn’t a Sword. The best option is Xenophage, which will make quick work of the elevated Fuses you’ll be shooting. If you don’t have Xenophage, other possible options include Heir Apparent, or maybe Merciless, which isn’t terrible since you’ll have time to start racking up the decreased charge time buffs.

You don’t want to use anything with a wide spread of damage, such as 1K Voices, Grenade Launchers, or Rockets, because hitting the incorrect fuse with splash damage can cause a wipe. It’s just safer to avoid it.

Aside from your damage phase weapon and overload weapon, you can use whatever else you’re comfortable with for clearing ads. Just keep in mind that the Deep Stone Crypt-specific Captain champions in this raid have Void shields and they will appear alongside the Overload champions frequently in this first encounter.

Security First Encounter Organization and Roles – Scanner

Begin by splitting up the team into two teams of three. Three people will go into the bright light colored room with the pipes and the other three will go into the dark colored room with the big server pillars.

There are two key mechanics that are present in this encounter and the enteriety of the Deep Stone Crypt raid: Scanner and Operator. Let’s explain them.

One person on each side will need to be the Scanner. This is a buff that is obtained by defeating a Vandal with a yellow marking over its head and picking up a buff that it drops on the ground afterwards.

The person who has the Scanner buff will be able to see things that no one else can see, marked by a yellow glow around an object.

In the case of the first encounter, Security, there will be see through floors around certain pipe and server pillars in each room. By looking down, the Scanner will be able see that two out of the five panels in each room will be glowing yellow. This information needs to be communicated to the Operator (which we’ll go over in the next section).

The dark side will always go first. When the encounter starts, enemies will spawn, which will include the Scanner Vandal. The person who is the dark side Scanner should kill the Vandal, grab the buff, and instantly start checking all of the panels down below by looking through the floor.

You’ll need some type of numbering system that everyone, especially the Operator, can follow. The simplest way is to label all of the panels as 1 to 5 either from left to right or right to left.

So for example, the dark side Scanner would check all of the panels for which ones are glowing yellow and say over chat: Dark 1 and 3, if those are the two that are glowing.

There’s only one copy of the Scanner buff in this encounter and the doors connected the two rooms are locked at this time. So the dark side Scanner will need to pass the buff to whoever is designated the light side Scanner through a terminal that looks like this:

Before this terminal is active, though, a champion Servitor known as a Sentinel needs to be killed on each side. Otherwise, they will block the ability to pass the buff back and forth.

The light side Scanner will need to do the exact same thing as the dark side Scanner, namely: find the two glowing panels out of the five available and communicate something like: Light 2 and 5.

Security First Encounter Organization and Roles – Operator

All this is being communicated to the person who has elected to be the Operator. Like the Scanner, the Operator will pick up the buff via a Vandal that will spawn, but instead it’ll be on the light side.

The Operator is the only one that can make the panels that are scattered all throughout the encounter do… the stuff that they need to do. By shooting it, they can open the doors that allow them to access each room and go down the area below that is normally locked to anyone without the buff.

Most importantly, the Operator will be the one to run around the below area, following the Scanner’s instructions, and shoot the correct panels.

Once this is done for both sides, the damage phase will begin. It’s recommended that the Operator does not head downstairs until some numbers start getting called out. This is because once you head downstairs, the timer starts to begin shooting the correct panels. Alternatively, some groups have an Operator for each side that is passed back and forth, like the Scanner. The choice is yours and should be decided by what your group is more comfortable doing.

In any event, if you take too long, the Operator will begin to burn as everything will catch fire downstairs and it will likely cause a wipe (an experienced team can revive and recover).

So it’s better to wait until you know where you’re going with the Dark side at least, and by the time the Operator is done with that, the next set of instructions should be ready.

Security First Encounter – Damage Phase

Once all the correct panels are hit down below by the Operator, the damage phase will begin and the previously protected fuses that are in each room will now be open to be shot. Your first priority needs to be having the Operator switch temporarily to the Scanner role.

The Operator will have a terminal down below that they can use to pass the Operator to someone above, and then have the current Scanner pass the buff down to the now former Operator.

The reason for this is the Operator will need Scanner to read markings (see photo below), that will light up which Fuses need to be hit. Hitting the incorrect fuse will cause a wipe.

Once again, you should have a system set up where each fuse is labeled. Going from left to right and calling them Dark 1, Dark 2, Dark 3, or Dark Left, Dark Center, Dark Right etc. should be the simplest and most common way.

The person down below will check which ones are yellow, and then communicate that to the team above, which is ready and waiting in each room. They will say something to the effect of Light Center or Light 2. At that point, start wailing on the fuse with your Xenophage or whatever you’re using. There’s no crit spot, so don’t worry about aiming anywhere in particular.

Don’t rotate members around, keep each team seperate and staring at the fuse ready to hit the one that is called out. Three people with decent weapons are enough.

The quicker you bring the fuses down, the quicker the scanner can continue to read you new call outs. You should be able to get two or three fuses down at the very least per run, resulting in a two or three phase victory.

Finally, common sense would dictate that, when you’re down to one fuse left, you don’t need to wait for that to be called out, just destroy it ASAP since, you know, it has to be the correct one.

After the fuses close up, it’s rinse and repeat time until all six are destroyed.

To sum, here’s how to complete the first encounter 1, Security, in Deep Stone Crypt of Destiny 2

  1. Split fireteam into two teams of three in each big room.

    Need one designated Scanner on each side.

  2. Begin encounter, after getting the buff dark side Scanner calls out which panels are glowing, followed by light side Scanner.

  3. At same time, Operator needs to get their buff and head downstairs to hit correct panels, quickly.

  4. Damage phase begins when all panels are hit, someone else grabs Operator from person downstairs, and gives former Operator the Scanner buff.

  5. Person downstairs with Scanner calls out correct fuses to hit, people upstairs hit the called out fuses.

    Swap Scanner and Operator back to the original dark side scanner and original Operator after you’re done with damage.

  6. Rinse and repeat until all fuses are down.

First Encounter 1 Security Rewards – Destiny 2: Deep Stone Crypt

The Security encounter in Deep Stone Crypt drops the following items as rewards:

  • Arms – Armor
  • Legs – Armor
  • Class Item – Armor
  • Trustee Scout Rifle

That’s all for our the Deep Stone Crypt encounter 1 guide. Hopefully that gives you an idea of how to execute this first part of the raid.

For more on Destiny 2: Beyond Light, check out our year 4 wiki guide filled with more helpful guides with more Deep Stone Crypt raid guides to follow soon.

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