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Every CoD Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Map, Ranked from Bad to Fine

black ops cold war multiplayer maps ranked

Every CoD Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Map, Ranked from Bad to Fine

The standard multiplayer is almost always the most popular mode in every Call of Duty game. How much staying power the mode has is often down to how good the maps are though, with the series struggling in that department over the last few years. Now that we’ve had some time with the game, here’s our rundown of all Black Ops Cold War multiplayer maps, ranked.

9. Satellite

satellite, black ops cold war maps ranked

Satellite is a strange map. It almost feels like one you’d expect to see in Star Wars Battlefront, and not just due to its desert setting. The issues arrive from it being essentially split vertically down the middle in terms of terrain.

On one side you have tight caves on either side of the hill that the crashed satellite sits on, and on the other, you have wide open dunes. While that does allow for various tactics in terms of weapon use, it causes bottlenecks around the satellite itself.

Enemies will camp in the openings in the satellite itself, there’s too much vertically in the middle area, and it can turn into a frag fest when the action’s funneled into it.

It doesn’t help that the limited spawn options cause frequent issues too, seeing teams get trapped in their spawn for too long.

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