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Black Ops Cold War Operation Chaos: Decrypt Floppy Disk Code & Passphrase Guide

black ops cold war operation chaos floppy disk guide

Black Ops Cold War Operation Chaos: Decrypt Floppy Disk Code & Passphrase Guide

As you play through Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War’s campaign, you’ll eventually reach a mission called Operation Chaos. In this mission, players will need to decrypt a floppy disk, but to do this you’ll need to find a secret code and a passphrase. In this guide, we’ll talk you through the Operation Chaos floppy disk code and passphrase so you can get it decrypted and complete the mission.

How to Decrypt the Floppy Disk in Black Ops Cold War Operation Chaos

There are three steps to this mission that you’ll need to complete. The first requires you to gather three pieces of evidence, the second is decrypting the floppy disk, and the third and final step requires players to decrypt the floppy disk’s passphrase.

What’s worth noting here is that the floppy disk decryption code and passphrases will be randomized and change from player-to-player. As such, we can’t give you a definitive answer that’ll work for everyone, so instead just follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Get All Three Pieces of Evidence

There are three pieces of evidence you need to find before you can do anything else. You’ll find each of them in the locations noted below:

  • A Coded Message
    • Mission: ‘Nowhere Left to Run’
    • Interact with Qasim and you’ll automatically be given the coded message.
  • Observer Newspaper
    • Mission: ‘Redlight, Greenlight’
    • Inside the bar.
  • Numbers Station Broadcast
    • Mission: ‘Brick in the Wall’
    • Find an audio reel in the area before you release the prisoner.

Black Ops Cold War Operation Chaos Step 2 – Decrypting the Floppy Disk

Once you’ve got all three pieces of evidence, you now need to figure out the code.

First, look at the ‘A Coded Message’ and you’ll see a number of red and blue numbers. What you need to do here is figure out the sequence both the red and blue numbers are in. These are different for each color. Once you figure this out, it’s simply a case of noting down the missing numbers, marked with ‘?’ on the newspaper.

Jot down these missing numbers and you’ll have a four-digit code. Compare these to the Number Station Broadcast and use your four-digit code to get the name of the matching city.

This is the first thing you’ll need to enter on the ‘Floppy Disk Decryption’ screen in Black Ops Cold War.

Step 3 – Operation Chaos Floppy Disk Passphrase

The third and final step requires you to then select the ‘Coded Newspaper.’ You should notice a number of letters in the headline are in red. Combine these red letters together and you’ll get the name of a city.

Now return to the Number Station Broadcast and find the code that corresponds to that city name. Enter this code on the second floppy disk decryption screen and you’ll solve the puzzle.

That’s everything you need to know to complete Black Ops Cold War’s Operation Chaos mission. Head over to our guide wiki for more tips, tricks and guides.

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