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Top 5 Best PS5 Accessories You Probably Need to Buy


Top 5 Best PS5 Accessories You Probably Need to Buy

Today is the day many PlayStation fans around the world have been waiting most of 2020 for. The PlayStation 5 is now out in all of its chonky, white glory! Aside from the launch titles that have piqued your interest, there are plenty of other PS5 accessories for players to purchase.

As such, we’ve sifted through and pulled out the five PS5 accessories we’d recommend you pick up over all the others. Some may or may not apply to you depending on your own personal situation and preferences, but we’ve tried to get a little something for everyone here.

Extra DualSense Controller

ps5 accessories

Whether you tend to play games with another person in your house, or you ride solo in your gaming sessions, having an extra DualSense controller can never go amiss.

Some launch titles like Sackboy: A Big Adventure can be played in co-op, giving you a way to bring your friends and family in on the next-gen fun, while you still chip away at that pile of games. Think of all the extra trophies an additional person could help you get! We think that’s reason enough.

But even if you prefer to play solo, having an extra controller on-hand means you’ll never have to worry about being tethered to your console with a charging cable in the middle of an intense session.

It’s a pricey optional extra, but one that’s worth its weight in gold, especially given all the new features Sony has packed into the DualSense.

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