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Watch Dogs Legion: Can You Replay Missions? Answered

Watch Dogs Legion, Can You Replay Missions? Answered

Watch Dogs Legion: Can You Replay Missions? Answered

Watch Dogs Legion‘s storyline is an interesting one, tasking you with completing special quests as a variety of citizens in order to topple an oppressive regime. Given that each mission plays out differently according to who you play as though, you might find yourself wondering: Can you replay missions in Watch Dogs Legion, if only to see how they’d play out with different characters?

Well, for better or worse, we have an answer for you.

Can You Replay Missions in Watch Dogs Legion? Answered

As it currently stands, no, you cannot replay missions in Watch Dogs Legion. Instead, you can only play missions once with whichever character you choose to play through them with.

There’s no known workaround for this aside from starting up a new file of the game and then replaying the game until you reach the mission you wish to replay.

The reason for this design choice is unclear, though given how deep and expansive the gameplay is, it might have been a necessary choice to get the game to a completed state.

Given that players can choose to play as dozens of different characters, designing missions that cater to each character’s skill set would already have required a huge time investment by Watch Dogs Legions’ developers at Ubisoft. Designing the game to allow players to play through each and every mission whenever they wish would have been even more of a challenge, and placed a bigger burden on said developers to get the game out on time.

Will The Option to Replay Missions Ever Be Added?

As for whether the option to replay missions in Watch Dogs Legion might be added at a later time, it depends on how heavily the feature is requested by fans.

If a sizable enough portion of the playerbase requests the addition, then Ubisoft might see the time and resource investment as worthwhile. However, this could still take a large amount of time to implement. Likewise, since no official indication that it’ll happen exists, it’s an entirely hypothetical scenario and you shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen in the meantime.

Hopefully this cleared up whether you can replay missions in Watch Dogs Legion. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki. It has plenty of other helpful guides on topics like whether there’s a difficulty Achievement and Trophy and how to upgrade to next-gen versions of the game.

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