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Watch Dogs Legion: How to Recruit Operatives


Watch Dogs Legion: How to Recruit Operatives

Watch Dogs Legion is the third main entry in Ubisoft’s popular sci-fi open world game series, and it features one new major gameplay element. Instead of taking control of a single protagonist for the entirety of the story, players can now recruit almost any NPC they encounter in the open world and play as them. Here’s how to recruit operatives in Watch Dogs Legion.

Recruiting Operatives in Watch Dogs Legion

When you first get started in the game, you’ll be able to pick your first operative. After that, the beginning missions will guide you through the basic ways of recruiting more characters.

In the open world, side quests such as the Bare Knuckle League will allow you to recruit a new character. Aside from that, you can also walk up to most of the NPCs in the open world, and the triangle/Y button prompt should show up above their heads. Hold down the button to begin the recruitment process, and you’ll have to do a simple mission before they join your roster.

It’s definitely worth recruiting operatives, especially if you’re playing on permadeath mode. All the NPCs have slightly distinct abilities and characteristics from each other, and while you can definitely complete the game using just a couple of them, it’s always good to have some backups.

Skilled Operatives

Watch Dogs Legion also features a set of more powerful characters, known as skilled operatives. These guys have much more useful and distinct abilities, and are definitely worth recruiting when you come across them.

Skilled operatives can be recruited by maxing out the Defiance meter for each borough in London. For every borough liberated, one skilled operative will join your cause.

In addition to that, Bagley will sometimes also give you intel on other skilled NPCs you can recruit. For instance, if your operatives die and get sent to the hospital, he might inform you that you can now try to recruit the Paramedic, a special NPC who speeds up recovery time.

watch dogs legion, recruit operatives

Check your map for green icons, which will indicate the locations of these skilled operatives. They’ll only be available for a limited period of time, though, so make them your priority.

That’s all you need to know about how to recruit operatives in Watch Dogs Legion. Be sure to search for Twinfinite or check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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