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Watch Dogs Legion: How to Emote & Gesture

watch dogs legion emote and gesture

Watch Dogs Legion: How to Emote & Gesture

Emotes and gestures have become a commonplace feature in many AAA titles nowadays, particularly those that have a multiplayer component. This is also the case in Ubisoft Toronto’s latest title, Watch Dogs Legion, which sees players hacking their way across the city of London. In this guide, we’ll be talking you through how to emote in Watch Dogs Legion, so you can also complete the “You Don’t See Me” trophy and achievement.

Emoting & Gesturing in Watch Dogs Legion

To emote in Watch Dogs Legion, simply press and hold left on the d-pad. This will bring up a wheel of emotes on the screen. Use the right analog stick to highlight the emote you want, and then release down on the d-pad.

Once you’ve done this, the character you’re currently controlling will perform the emote or gesture that you selected.

Emotes and gestures can be used for all sorts of things. Whether it’s fooling around with friends by all emoting and gesturing in a multiplayer game together, or its just to get the “You Don’t See Me” trophy/ achievement for escaping a level 5 pursuit by performing the ‘Statue’ emote.

How to Emote in Watch Dogs Legion

  1. Press and hold down on the d-pad.

  2. Use the right analog stick to select the emote you want to use.

  3. Let go of down on the d-pad.

If you were hoping to unlock more gestures or emotes then we’ve got some bad news for you. The emotes and gestures you start the game with will be the only ones you’ll have access to throughout its duration, so don’t worry about saving any points or currency for any more unlockable options.

There you have everything there is to know on how to emote in Watch Dogs Legion and gesture. For more tips, tricks, and guides, head over to our guide wiki, search for Twinfinite, or flick through more of our coverage on the game below.

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