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Watch Dogs Legion: Best Tech Upgrades to Get First

watch dogs legion, best tech upgrades

Watch Dogs Legion: Best Tech Upgrades to Get First

Watch Dogs Legion is the third entry in Ubisoft’s open world sci-fi series, and it features a new gameplay mechanic where you can essentially recruit almost any NPC in the game and play as them. Every NPC comes with unique abilities, but you can also unlock tech upgrades to make your team even more powerful. Here are the best tech upgrades to get first in Watch Dogs Legion.

Best Tech Upgrades to Get First in Watch Dogs Legion

  • Infiltrator Spiderbot
  • AR Cloak
  • Skin Mesh
  • Deep Profiler
  • Chase Drone, Turret, Combat Drone Deactivation
  • DedSec Grenade Launcher
  • Chase Drone, Turret, CT Drone, Riot Drone Hacks

The tech tree is divided into four sections: gadgets, upgrades, weapons, and hacks. We’ll be going over each section and listing the items that we think are worth getting first, or as soon as you can.

Gadgets – Best Tech Upgrades in Watch Dogs Legion

Infiltrator Spiderbot

  • A stealth-based spiderbot capable of performing non-lethal takedowns.
  • Adds double jump and sprint capabilities.
  • Adds a cloak that can be manually activated.

The spiderbot is one of the best and most versatile gadgets you can get in Watch Dogs Legion. The game is filled with levels that contain vents and little crevices that can only be accessed with the spiderbot, making it incredibly useful for getting extra resources and locating different points of infiltration.

It’s also remarkably efficient when it comes to stealth takedowns and activating or hacking terminals that you’re too far away from.

AR Cloak

  • AR camouflage to render the wearer invisible and break line of sight.
  • Cloak lasts longer when standing still or walking slowly.
  • Take down an enemy from a greater distance.

Without a doubt, the AR Cloak is the best tech upgrade you can get at the start of the game and we recommend that you get it first. Invisibility goes a long way during stealth missions and even makes the game way easier as you’re trying to find your way around a level.

Invisibility lets you pull off takedowns extremely easily, and it even breaks line of sight when enemies are chasing you.


Skin Mesh

  • Reduce damage suffered by all DedSec operatives.

This is pretty self-explanatory. You take less damage in combat, which means your chances of survival are higher. Considering that there’s no healing in this game aside from passive regen, a defense increase can be very useful early on.

Deep Profiler

  • Schedule and contact info exposes new ways to recruit –even for enemies of DedSec.

This is one of the best tech upgrades you can get, especially if you’re playing on permadeath mode. The Deep Profiler gives you extensive information about an NPC’s abilities when you scan them, so you know right off the bat whether they’ll be a good fit for your team.

Chase Drone, Turret, Combat Drone Deactivation

The Deactivation upgrades are also very useful, but it’s worth noting that you need to liberate all boroughs in the game before you can purchase them. Considering how dangerous the drones can be, being able to deactivate them and put them out of commission permanently is extremely useful.

Weapons – Best Tech Upgrades in Watch Dogs Legion

DedSec Grenade Launcher

  • Slow-firing, anti-drone weapon that launches shock rounds for wide area of effect.
  • Increases magazine capacity to 2.
  • Increase maximum carried grenade rounds by 2 rounds.

Weapons actually aren’t all that important in Watch Dogs Legion, as you should be spending most of your time using stealth takedowns instead. However, the Grenade Launcher is easily the best weapon in the game, especially when you’re up against drones.

Drones have a ton of health and they do a lot of damage. If you have no way of disabling them, the Grenade Launcher will likely save your life.


Chase Drone, Turret, CT Drone, Riot Drone Hacks

  • Can be disabled for a short period of time.
  • Can be hijacked.
  • Can be hacked to fight its allies.

Finally, the best hacks in the game allow you to disable the powerful drones. It’ll only last a short period of time, but those few seconds could potentiall give you the opportunity to make your escape from a restricted area. If you invest in this upgrade, you’ll be able to use the drones to your advantage by having them attack your enemies instead.

And those are our picks for the best tech upgrades to get first in Watch Dogs Legion. Be sure to search for Twinfinite or check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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