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5 FIFA 21 FUT Champs Tips to Keep Your Frustration in Check


5 FIFA 21 FUT Champs Tips to Keep Your Frustration in Check

FIFA 21‘s competitive weekend league, known as FUT Champs, kicked off last weekend. FUT Champs sees players play 30 games of Ultimate Team online against other players. The more wins they get, the better the rewards they’ll get for competing. It’s incredibly competitive and a completely different style of Ultimate Team gameplay. Considering ourselves somewhat seasoned FIFA players, we dived in, grabbed ourselves as a semi-respectable 14 wins, and have returned to share our newfound knowledge with you all!

Space Out Your Games

fifa 21 fut champs

If you want to give yourself the best chance of getting some excellent FUT Champs rewards in FIFA 21, you’ll want to play all 30 of your games. That’s a lot of FIFA to play over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, especially when you may have other plans. If you’ve got a busy weekend this may not be possible, but if your weekend’s relatively wide open, be sure to spread out those 30 games across all three days.

Some players, such as popular YouTuber FIFA Analyst, recommend breaking it down by playing 5 games on Friday, 10 on Saturday, and 15 on Sunday.

You’re free to swap that Saturday and Sunday around, but the main thing here is that you’re not sitting down and banging out 25 FUT Champs in one sitting.

Chances are if you do that, you’ll find your concentration starts to wane and you’ll start making silly mistakes. Given how quickly you can score in FIFA 21, all it takes is one small mistake for your opponent to capitalize and grab an equalizer, or even worse that winner in the 90th minute.

TL;DR – Make the most of the three days you’ve got to play those 30 games.

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