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Pokemon GO: How to Beat Team Go Rocket Boss Giovanni (Oct 2020)

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Pokemon GO: How to Beat Team Go Rocket Boss Giovanni (Oct 2020)

Once you defeat all the Team Go Rocket Leaders, it’s time to take on their boss. It won’t be an easy task, but here is how to beat Giovanni in Pokemon GO.

How to Beat Team Go Rocket Boss Giovanni in Pokemon GO

For being the boss of Team Go Rocket, this battle isn’t especially difficult if you have proper counters. In fact, it’s one of the most straightforward of these leader battles since Giovanni’s first and third Pokemon will always be set in stone. Here are all of Giovanni’s possible Pokemon:

  • Pokemon 1
    • Persian (Normal)
  • Pokemon 2
    • Nidoking (Poison/Ground)
    • Kangaskhan (Normal)
    • Garchomp (Dragon/Ground)
  • Pokemon 3
    • Mewtwo (Psychic)

Giovanni Battle 1

It makes sense — when it comes to lore — that Persian is Giovanni’s first Pokemon, but you would expect the head of Team GO Rocket to have a stronger mon. Persian isn’t anything special, so just overpower it with your Conkeldurr, Lucario, Machamp, etc.

Best Picks: Conkeldurr, Lucario, Machamp, Heracross, Hariyama

Battle 2

Nidoking is susceptible to Ice-, Gound-, Psychic-, and Water-type attacks, so you can pick a handful of different Pokemon here. Just make sure that you shield its first charge move so it doesn’t one-hit KO something like Jirachi or Empoleon.

Best Picks: Swampert, Kyogre, Empoleon, Mega Blastoise, Jirachi

If you’re lucky, then you’ll get another Normal-type Pokemon after Persian. You may not even need to switch out if your first Pokemon is a Fighting-type. The introduction of Megas also makes Mega Charizard Y a solid option here.

Best Picks: Machamp, Mega Charizard Y, Heracross, Conkeldurr, Shadow Machamp

Ice-types are solid against the other two possible Pokemon, but this is where you absolutely should go with an Ice mon. Fairies are also a solid choice here since they deal heavy damage to Dragon-type Pokemon. Pretty much any mon that’s part flying and has super effective attacks will do well.

Best Picks: Togekiss, Articuno, Gardevoir, Granbull, Mamoswine

Giovanni Battle 3

Mewtwo is one of the best Psychic-type Pokemon, and it may give you a hard time even if you know it’s coming. There are a few options here to play with when it comes to safe and strong picks. A Dark-type attacker will be the most optimal choice though.

Best Picks: Tyranitar, Hydreigon, Darkrai, Mega Houndoom, Sharpedo

Best Pokemon Team

There are a ton of options for this battle up until you get to Mewtwo, but you can only pick three monsto go to battle with you. Here’s a solid team that should help you best Giovanni.

My ideal team for beating Giovanni is:

  1. Conkeldurr (Counter|Dynamic Punch)
  2. Articuno (Ice Shard|Ice Beam)
  3. Tyranitar (Bite|Crunch)

Secondary Team:

  1. Machamp (Counter|Cross Chop)
  2. Mamoswine (Powder Snow|Avalanche)
  3. Hydreigon (Bite|Dragon Pulse)

That’s all there is to know about how to beat Team Go Rocket Boss Giovanni in Pokemon GO. Now that you’ve beaten Giovanni, it’s time to take on Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo all over again.

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