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Pokemon GO: Terrakion Raid Guide, Counters, Stats & More

terrakion raid guide

Pokemon GO: Terrakion Raid Guide, Counters, Stats & More

Terrakion is one of the best Rock-type creatures in Pokemon GO. But you’ll need to learn a lot more than that to add one to your team. Here’s everything you need to know about the Terrakion raid, counters, stats & more in Pokemon GO.

Terrakion Raid Guide in Pokemon GO

Terrakion is one part of the Swords of Justice Legendaries (Cobalion, Virizion, Keldeo) so that means this Pokemon is part Fighting. Now, don’t get too excited and throw a bunch of Psychic-types at it. Some of them will be good, but you also might have better options too.

You can duo this raid with proper counters and adding more trailers into the mix will only make things easier.

How to Catch Terrakion in Pokemon GO

Terrakion can only be found in level-five raids. Beat the raid with a group of trainers and you’ll get the chance to catch this Legendary Pokemon.

Suggested Counters for Terrakion

Terrakion is Rock/Fighting which means that it has a massive list of powerful counters. This Pokemon’s counters are mainly Grass, Water, Psychic, and Steel.

Most of the counters are Shadow Pokemon, so we’ll include more than the usual 10. That’s because know many trainers still haven’t amassed a large team of viable Shadow Pokemon.

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