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5 FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Changes You Need to Know Before Starting


5 FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Changes You Need to Know Before Starting


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The biggest Ultimate Team addition in FIFA 21 without a doubt is FUT Co-Op. If you’ve been wanting to have a friend join you to dominate Division Rivals and increase your Rank for those sweet, weekly rewards then your prayers have been answered.

Players can now invite a friend to help them take on another duo or solo player in Division Rivals, play against AI-controlled teams in Squad Battles, and earn unique Co-Op objectives for more rewards in the process.

Whoever invites their friend will be captain and will choose which of the duo’s teams to use, and what game mode you’ll play. What’s more, both players will earn the coins and score towards their weekly Division Rivals/ Squad Battles Rank. As long as you both have games that count for weekly score.

Playing Ultimate Team in co-op helps to further realize those beautiful visions of play going on in your mind. Being able to tell your friend where and when to make a run through on goal, or to cut a passing lane when defending is far better than hoping the AI does the job for you.

While the AI has improved, it’s no replacement for a trusty friend seasoned in Ultimate Team themselves. You can just blame them if it all goes wrong and you end up losing, too!

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