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Every Major Sony Exclusive Coming to PS5 So Far


Every Major Sony Exclusive Coming to PS5 So Far

The launch of Sony’s highly anticipated next console, the PS5, is just around the corner. But what good is a fancy new gaming machine if you don’t have some awesome new games to play on it?

The following is a list of the major exclusives we know are coming to the PS5 in the not too distant future. Some are timed, and will migrate to other platforms eventually, but will remain the province of PlayStation gamers for an initial period after launch. Let’s take a look at the games you can look forward to playing on your fancy new console, if you are lucky enough to score one, that is.

Demons Souls


The game that launched a genre, completely remade for a new generation. Originally developed by Fromsoftware, Blue Point Games have taken the lead for this devilishly good-looking remaster.

People like to talk a lot about the difficulty when it comes to games from the Souls series, but there is so much more to them than just combat. What these games do best is environmental storytelling, giving players a glimpse of a dark and majestic universe, and letting their imaginations fill in the blanks.

The original Demons Souls had a few design quirks that set it apart from the Dark Souls games that would come after it, and it will be interesting to see if and how any of its sharper edges are smoothed over.

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