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Best Pikmin Wallpapers for the Perfect Desktop Background

three pikmin

Best Pikmin Wallpapers for the Perfect Desktop Background

Pikmin 3 Deluxe is out now for the Nintendo Switch. Originally released for the Wii U, this game features beautiful natural environments as you explore a hostile world. Whether you’re a new fan or a veteran of the series, you’ll be sure to love these desktop wallpapers that you can download and use for your computer.

pikmin 3 deluxe

This wallpaper features the cover art from the game itself. The Pikmin are front and center with the game’s logo above them. You can download it from Nintendo’s website right here.

three pikmin

This adorable desktop wallpaper focuses more on the Pikmin themselves as they relax on a stick in the moss. Get the full image here.

pikmin with fruit

Here’s another cute one that shows some of the Pikmin hard at work carrying fruit while others relax. This one can be downloaded here.

pikmin balancing

In this wallpaper, the characters are made out of clay and are balancing carefully on some barbed wire. One Pikmin is even hanging from another’s head! Download the full-size version here.

pikmin clovers

Sometimes simple is best, which makes this desktop wallpaper a great one to use. It has clovers and flowers around the edges with the Pikmin lined up in the center. You can find it to download here.

pikmin olimar vector

This wallpaper features vector images of Olimar running with his Pikmin friends. You can grab the full-size background right here.

If you want something even more simple, this wallpaper is perfect. It just has the tops of three Pikmin heads on a grey background. Download it here.

pikmin with cat

Look at how cute this wallpaper is! It has many of the Pikmin characters carrying various items, such as a can of tuna and a Nintendo playing card. Watch out though, Pikmin—a cat is peeking its head from behind the table! You can download this adorable wallpaper right here.

pikmin sunshine

This wallpaper is stunning. The sun in shining down on all of the Pikmin as they walk through the gorgeous environment. If you want this background for your computer, you can find it here.

pikmin in field

Finally, this one features the Pikmin hanging out in a field while climbing on some stems. If this is the perfect wallpaper for you, head over here to download it.

If you’re still on the fence about picking up Pikmin 3 Deluxe, you can read our review of the game here. You can also check out our thoughts on all of the things you should know before playing it for the first time.

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