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The Best Crash Bandicoot Games, All 4 Mainline Titles Ranked

Crash 4, The Best Crash Bandicoot Games, All Mainline Entries Ranked

The Best Crash Bandicoot Games, All 4 Mainline Titles Ranked

The release of Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time marks a momentous occasion for the series, offering the first new mainline entry in several decades. It’s no slouch of a title either, and that’s why we decided to sit down and stack it up against the series’ other core offerings. Without a doubt, though, these are the best Crash Bandicoot games.

4. Crash Bandicoot

Best Crash Bandicoot Games

To be clear, the first Crash Bandicoot is by no means a bad game.

Its fast-paced platforming and inventive level design remain some of the best in its genre. It challenges players to react quickly to an ever-evolving list of hazards while also being on the lookout for secrets, hidden collectibles and other items, which naturally encourage players to explore levels and uncover all the experience has to offer.

Likewise, its characters carry an impressive level of charm and memorability. Even with limited graphical capabilities and a minimal story, they manage to leave an impression that makes you want to experience their adventures and play other games featuring them.

However, it’s also a game that has shown the age in its design with each passing year. It’s not uncommon for its levels to veer from challenging into downright punishing, and as a result not all of them feel balanced in a way that’s fair to players.

The limitations of the hardware also contribute to more than a few deaths, wherein the player might be unable to tell where they’ll land without testing the waters with a few deaths first.

All the same though, it’s still a solid experience which set up the series for great things, and is worth being checked out by fans new and old alike.

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