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Just Some Xbox Series S Memes


Just Some Xbox Series S Memes

This week, Microsoft finally lifted the curtain on the release date and price details for the company’s upcoming next-gen consoles, the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. The design of the Series X was revealed a while back but now we know how the smaller, less expensive version actually looks like and, of course, people are poking fun at the stereo/Oreo-looking console –even Microsoft itself is joining in on the fun. Let’s start these Xbox Series S memes off with a banger, shall we?

Someone photoshopped a big ol’ Oreo cookie to the front of the Series S console and you know what happened? The official Oreo Twitter account quote tweeted it and now, I can’t unsee it.

But wait, there’s more!

Xbox Series Double Stuff, comes with four consoles and they’re all edible.

“Hey, can we get uhh the number four meal?”

“Sir, that’s an Xbox, not a speaker.”

Now we just need consoles that look like a microwave, an oven, and an air-fryer to complete the holy group of everyday household objects.

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