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Best Super Mario 64 Levels, All 15 Ranked


Best Super Mario 64 Levels, All 15 Ranked

15. Wet-Dry World

Best Super Mario 64 Levels, All 15 Ranked
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Okay, this is one I think we can all agree with. Wet-dry World is just a slog and feels off when compared to the rest of the game.

It lacks a discernable theme or look to it, other than just being this big empty area where water goes up and down. Then you have those irritating robots that follow you around and try to launch you at the most inopportune times. Oh and then there’s the random town area that feels completely out of place.

What even is Wet-dry world? It seems like Nintendo had a concept for water level puzzles but didn’t really have any inspiration for the world that would house this mechanic.

Add on top of all that the fact that some people even believe that Wet-dry World exudes a mysterious negative aura, and it becomes clear why Wet-Dry World is the worst Super Mario 64 level by a wide margin.

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