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Avengers Game Spider-Man Release Date

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Avengers Game Spider-Man Release Date

As you’d expect, Crystal Dynamic’s Marvel’s Avengers allows you to play with several different superheroes. There are six playable characters at launch, with more to be added later down the line as part of the game’s post-launch support. Here’s everything we know about when Spider-Man is coming to the Marvel’s Avengers game.

When Spider-Man Is Coming to the Marvel’s Avengers Game

Spider-Man isn’t really part of the core Avengers team, which perhaps explains why he’s not involved in the base game at launch. What does take a little more explaining, though, is the fact that he’s a PlayStation exclusive character.

Only those with a PS4 or PS5 will be able to play as Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers when the character arrives in “early 2021.” Here’s a blog post from Square Enix that provides a little context:

“It’s never been a better time to be a spider-fan!  The team at Crystal Dynamics, along with our partners, are overjoyed that we get to be a part of this hero’s gaming journey.  We can’t wait for you to add Spider-Man to your Marvel’s Avengers roster in early 2021, and as we’ve promised before, he will be available at no additional cost to owners of the base game, exclusively on PlayStation.”

Basically, PlayStation has secured exclusivity for Spider-Man on PS4. And while you might be thinking that makes sense given that a) Sony’s newly acquired first-party studio Insomniac Games owns a Spider-Man video game license, and b) Sony owns the film rights for Spider-Man, none of that is actually relevant in this instance.

Even despite those arrangements, there’s no reason why Spider-Man couldn’t appear in Marvel’s Avengers on Xbox and PC systems. It’s a totally separate game, and those license agreements don’t give Sony a universal control over Spider-Man.

This is actually a completely separate exclusivity arrangement and a savvy one at that on the part of PlayStation. Welcome to the modern video game industry, where third-party exclusivity deals are the norm.

That should give you everything you need to know about when Spider-Man is coming to the Marvel’s Avengers game. For now, more useful tips and information on the game can be found in Twinfinite’s extensive guide wiki.

You should also see some related content below that might prove to be helpful as well. Always feel free to reach out in the comment section if you can’t find an answer to a specific question not featured on the website and we’ll do our best to help out.

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