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10 4K & HD Marvel’s Avengers Desktop Wallpapers for Your Next Background

Marvel's Avengers Desktop Wallpapers for Your Next Background

10 4K & HD Marvel’s Avengers Desktop Wallpapers for Your Next Background

The Avengers have long been Marvel’s most beloved superheroes, and now there’s finally a AAA video game to sit alongside the blockbuster films that have been so much a part of pop-culture over the past decade.

While the focus of the game is certainly the live service aspect of its multiplayer content, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality of its single-player campaign. The story content in Marvel’s Avengers is top-notch, and it feels as though fits in nicely with the wider MCU, even if there’s no official collaboration to that end.

We think that’s something worth celebrating, and so to get in the Marvel’s Avengers mood we’ve compiled a bunch of the best HD and 4K wallpapers that we think deserve a spot on your desktop background.

The download links you’ll see below should all offer different resolution options according to your preference.

marvel's avengers

Ms. Marvel ready to strike. Download.

Assembled — though Cap didn’t make the cut for this one, apparently. Download.

This one’s been popular in the buildup to the game’s launch, and it’s easy to see why. It’s so damn cool. Download.


The power of Mjölnir in full flow as Thor arrives on scene. Download.

There’s only enough room for one mean, green machine. Download.

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