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Avengers Game: How to Get Credits


Avengers Game: How to Get Credits

Credits are the second form of currency in the Avengers Game and are spent at the ‘Marketplace’ tab when pressing the touchpad on PS4 or View button on Xbox One. They can be spent in exchange for cosmetic items such as skins for your favorite character, nameplates, poses, emotes and more. This guide will talk you through how to get Credits in Avengers.

Getting Credits in Avengers Game

Credits can currently only be obtained via two ways in the Avengers Game.

Hero Cards

Each and every hero in the Avengers game has their own Hero Card. These are essentially a battle pass for every character and are leveled up by completing daily and weekly challenges listed on the Hero Card page.

As you progress through each Hero Card’s 40 Tiers, players will earn 1,500 Credits for use in the Marketplace. That means that if you complete all six Hero Cards currently in Avengers Game at launch, you can earn 9,000 Credits in total.


Your alternative is to simply buy yourself Avengers Game Credits via the in-game microtransactions. You can spend real-life money in exchange for a chunk of Credits. We’ve listed all amounts below:

  • 500 Credits – $5
  • 2,200 Credits – $20
  • 6,000 Credits – $50
  • 13,000 Credits – $100

If those numbers look a bit odd to you, it’s because the more Credits you purchase in one transaction, the more ‘Bonus’ Credits you’ll get as a result. In other words, it pays to buy more in one chunk if you’re planning on playing the game a lot in the long-run.

That’s everything you need to know on earning Credits in Avengers Game. If there are any other ways to obtain them in the future, we’ll update this post and let you know.

For more tips, tricks, and guides, head on over to our guide wiki.

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