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10 Fall-Themed Items You Need to Have on Your Animal Crossing Island

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10 Fall-Themed Items You Need to Have on Your Animal Crossing Island

In the Northern Hemisphere, September is the beginning of the fall season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, lasting until the end of November. Trees in the game begin to change the colors of their leaves, and new items become available to craft.

There are three types of fall DIY recipes: tree’s bounty, mushroom, and maple leaf furniture. 30 new recipes in total are introduced over the course of the fall months, and they are obtained from balloons and messages in bottles.

If you’re thinking about decorating to better reflect the changing of the season, we’ve compiled 10 of the best fall-themed items you can decorate your island with along with suggestions on how you can customize and use them.

Yellow-Leaf Pile

There are three varieties of the leaf pile in New Horizons. If you’ve been playing the game for a while, you might already have the green-leaf pile crafting recipe.

During the fall months, two more leaf pile varieties become available: yellow leaf and red leaf. You only need a few acorns and clumps of weeds to craft these piles, so it’s not too difficult to make lots of them.

The yellow-leaf and red-leaf piles look great scattered under areas with lots of trees, especially when the trees’ leaves begin to change color towards the end of September. It’s a nice, tidy look, and gives the impression that your villagers love jumping in piles of leaves for fun.

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