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Pokemon Masters: Best Sync Pairs for Your Team

pokemon masters best sync pairs

Pokemon Masters: Best Sync Pairs for Your Team

Choosing the most optimal group of Pokemon for battle is always a tough job. Even with a smaller number of options in Pokemon Masters, it can be a tough decision. Here’s everything you need to know about the best sync pairs for your team in Pokemon Masters.

Best Sync Pairs for Your Team in Pokemon Masters

The Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters are split up into four defined roles. They are Strike (Physical), Strike (Special), Support, and Tech. Each has an important role to play in leading you to victory. That means we’ll give you the five best Pokemon for each role.

Best Strike (Physical) Sync Pairs

The physical role is ruled by Mega Pokemon. These boosted ‘mons are popular in other roles too, but you just can’t beat the raw power of a Mega Pokemon.

  • Steven & Mega Metagross
    If you’re looking for an absolute powerhouse, then look no further than Mega Metagross. If its base attack isn’t enough for you, then you can even use its X Attack move to raise it even further. What’s more, Best There Is! will raise your defense, make your next attack crit, and let Mega Metagross endure the next hit.
  • Noland & Mega Pinsir
    Mega Pinsir is another overwhelmingly powerful Pokemon, but you need to learn how to use it properly. Fury Cutter starts out weak but gains power in consecutive uses. That means any speed boosts or attack boosts need to be used before Fury Cutter so you don’t break your combo.
  • Wally & Mega Gallade
    Mega Gallade can deal out massive amounts of damage before your opponent can even respond. And that’s a good thing because Mega Gallade doesn’t have great Def or Sp. Def stats. On top of that, Close Combat will lower those stats further. Use this Sync Pair carefully.
  • Cynthia & Mega Garchomp
    If you’re using Mega Garchomp you’ll also want to check out Palossand since Garchomp can get massive crit and speed boosts during a Sandstorm. But even without that strategy, Garchomp has a massive upside thanks to high base attack and base speed.
  • Korrina & Mega Lucario
    Mega Lucario is another fragile physical attacker, but it’s a beast if protected properly. Power-Up Punch combined with Dire Hit and Skate on Through! will give Mega Lucario massive boosts in attack, speed, and crit chance. It’ll make this Fighting/Steel-type ridiculously strong.
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