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Ghost of Tsushima: How to Use Lure Distractions (Wind Chimes)

ghost of tsushima lure distractions

Ghost of Tsushima: How to Use Lure Distractions (Wind Chimes)

Ghost of Tsushima lure distractions, also known as Wind Chimes, are an incredibly handy item to have at your disposal if you’re wanting to adopt a stealthy approach to combat. In this guide, we’ll talk you through everything about lure distractions in Ghost of Tsushima, including how to unlock them and how to use them.

As we noted above, lure distractions can be thrown to lure an enemy towards it. This can be helpful for moving past them undetected, or to get them into a position where you can stealth kill them without being spotted by other enemies.

Unlocking Lure Distractions in Ghost of Tsushima

Lure distractions are actually called Wind Chimes in Ghost of Tsushima. These are unlocked by unlocking a Ghost Weapon called Wind Chimes under the ‘Techniques’ section of the menu. Wind Chimes cannot be unlocked until you’re a few hours into the game and have completed a few stories missions, so keep this in mind when you’re just starting out.

Using Wind Chimes in Ghost of Tsushima

To use Wind Chimes in Ghost of Tsushima, press and hold L2 and select ‘Throw.’ Then select ‘Wind Chime’ with Square. You’ll now be able to use the analog sticks to line up your throw.

Make sure you’re throwing it somewhere out of the way and where you’re out of their line of sight so you don’t get spotted. Press R2 to throw it and lure your target over to it.

Getting More Wind Chimes

It’s worth pointing out that once you’ve used a Wind Chime it’s gone for good. You’ll need to find more Wind Chimes if you want to distract other enemies.

Fortunately, Wind Chimes, arrows and just about any other item you need can be found in abundance in any enemy camps you infiltrate. Thanks to the snappy feel of picking up items, you can simply walk on over to them and press R2 when you see that telltale glisten of an item.

If you’re really struggling to find more Wind Chimes just lying around, you can buy more from a Trapper, but we never reached a point where we struggled to find them.

Note that Wind Chimes can be upgraded to Firecrackers — see our detailed guide on the subject here.

That’s everything you need to know about lure distractions in Ghost of Tsushima. For more, head on over to our guide wiki, or check out more of our coverage below.

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