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Ghost of Tsushima: How to Fast Travel

ghost of tsushima fast travel

Ghost of Tsushima: How to Fast Travel

Fast Travel in Ghost of Tsushima is a necessity if you want to get somewhere a little faster than your noble steed can manage. However, you can’t just choose to fast travel wherever you want from the very beginning. In this guide, we’ll run you through all there is to know on how to fast travel in Ghost of Tsushima.

Fast Travel in Ghost of Tsushima

As noted above, to unlock fast travel all you need to do is simply discover a location on the map. Once a location has been discovered, be it a hub area like a town, or something like a Fox Den or Shinto Shrine, you’ll be able to fast travel.

fast travel, ghost of tsushima

To fast travel in Ghost of Tsushima, press the Options button. By default, your map will appear. Use the left analog stick to pan around the map and find the location you want to go to, then press Triangle on it, and in a matter of moments (and a quick loading screen) you’ll be at your desired destination, ready to carry on adventuring.

While it’s certainly a useful mechanic if you can’t be bothered trawling to the other side of the map for a side mission, you do miss out a lot if you don’t go exploring in the stunning world that developer Sucker Punch Productions has crafted here.

Besides, you’ll need to explore a bit to discover the fast travel points, so make sure you get out on your horse and enjoy the serene environments once in a while.

That’s how to fast travel in Ghost of Tsushima. Head over to our Ghost of Tsushima wiki for more helpful guides, or you can check out even more of our coverage on the game down below.

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