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Ghost of Tsushima: How to Get & Use a Bow & Arrow

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Ghost of Tsushima: How to Get & Use a Bow & Arrow

Developed by Sucker Punch Productions, Ghost of Tsushima is one of the most highly anticipated PS4 exclusive games releasing this year. Taking place in the late 13th century, players will take control of the samurai Jin, as he strives to protect his clan from the ongoing Mongol invasion. Here’s how to use the bow and arrow in Ghost of Tsushima.

Getting the Bow and Arrow in Ghost of Tsushima

The bow is one of the few ranged weapons you’ll have access to in the game, and it’s also one of the most useful. It won’t be available to you right at the very start of the game, but you can get it fairly early on.

Once you’ve gotten past the intro mission and have cleared the first few story missions in the game, you’ll have access to Tales missions. One of them tasks you with meeting up with Sensei Ishikawa to liberate a camp, so set that as your active mission and be on your way.

This quest in particular is called The Way of the Bow, and it’s split it up into a few different parts. The weapon is given to you in the very first part, however.

While doing this quest, you’ll automatically be given the bow, and you can keep it on you as a permanent weapon. Later, you’ll get fire arrows, too.

Using the Bow & Arrow

Using the bow is straightforward and easy enough; hold the L2 button to draw, then press the R2 button to release the arrow. It has a good bit of range, but drawing the arrows can be slow, so you’ll want to make sure you at least have some distance between your and your enemies before using it –trying to use it in close combat encounters is certainly not recommended.

It’s best used in stealthier situations, or when you can get the drop on an enemy. Sniping enemies from afar with the bow will allow you to pick off a few before you have to get into open combat with them.

That’s all you need to know about how to use the bow and arrow in Ghost of Tsushima. Be sure to search for Twinfinite or check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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