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Let’s Rank The Final Fantasy MMORPG Expansions From Worst to Best


Let’s Rank The Final Fantasy MMORPG Expansions From Worst to Best

Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess

Best Final Fantasy MMORPG Expansion

FFXI Wings of the Goddess, final fantasy xi

Let’s kick this off by saying none of the expansions for either of the Final Fantasy MMORPGs are objectively terrible. Obviously, some are better than others which is why we’re ranking them, but even the last place entry on this list isn’t an offensively bad expansion.

Speaking of which, that leads us to our first entry. Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess. The Crystal War is one of the most pivotal moments in recent Vana’diel history and many fans were looking forward to seeing what the Middle Lands were like prior to the events of the war. Sadly, in a lot of ways it was quite underwhelming.

Zones in Wings of the Goddess were a nightmare to traverse (Jugner Forest anyone?) and in reality didn’t really add much visual flair. The few actual new zones that were added weren’t anything special either.

Previous expansions added content that became staples for years to come but unfortunately that wasn’t the case with this expansion.

It’s not all bad though. Dancer and Scholar are both excellent jobs that turned out well in both the immediate aftermath and beyond.

And although the pacing of the story was a mess (large gaps in-between updates, and having to work through your own nation’s line in addition to the primary story), all-in-all the story scenario was extremely memorable and arguably the best in all of Final Fantasy XI. It’s just too bad so much else went wrong.

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