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Stream New Game+ Expo E3 2020: Where to Watch Online

new game+ expo stream

Stream New Game+ Expo E3 2020: Where to Watch Online

The New Game+ Expo (NGPX) stream boasts an impressive lineup of exhibitors that focus on a wide range of genres. With big names like Sega, Atlus, and Koei Tecmo —just to name a few— taking part, you won’t want to miss out on anything revealed at this event. Here’s how to watch NGPX.

Where to Watch New Game+ Expo

There are four different social media sites you can use to follow the announcements of the event: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. However, there’s only one place where you can watch the stream live. The event will be streamed in its entirety on the NGPX Twitch channel.

What Time New Game+ Expo Starts

NGPX is scheduled to start at 8:00 AM (PT) on June 23. If you don’t live on the west coast of the US, then check out this list of start times in other time zones:

  • Eastern Time (ET): 11:00 AM
  • UK (BST): 4:00 PM
  • Europe (CEST): 5:00 PM
  • Hong Kong: 11:00 PM
  • Japan: 12:00 AM (June 24)

Currently, we don’t know how long the event will last, but we have the full list of all 16 developers and publishers who will take part in NGPX:

  • Acttil
  • Playsim
  • Aksys Games
  • Arc System Works
  • Gung Ho America
  • Idea Factory
  • Inti Creates
  • Koei Tecmo
  • Natsume
  • NIS America
  • Sega
  • Atlus
  • SNK
  • Spike Chunsoft
  • Grasshopper Manufacture
  • WayForward

We’re not sure exactly what will be shown at this event, but we have a little bit of info from the official NGPX website. We know new and upcoming titles will be shown off at the event. They also claim that dozens of titles will be shown off during NGPX.

If we take them literally, then that means there will be at least 24 games shown. But it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see the final count to differ from that literal interpretation.

That’s all there is to know right now about when and where to watch the New Game+ Expo stream. If you want to check out all the other events replacing E3 this Summer, then take a look at our full list.

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