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Pokemon Isle of Armor: All Dojo Upgrades

all dojo upgrades isle of armor

Pokemon Isle of Armor: All Dojo Upgrades

The Dojo is your home base of sorts in Pokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor. There’s a lot of wilderness and not a lot of civilization in Isle of Armor, the only place you can really relax is at the Dojo. Fortunately, at certain point in the story, you’ll be able to upgrade the Dojo to be more useful. Here’s all the Dojo upgrades in Pokemon Isle of Armor expansion DLC for Sword and Shield.

The Dojo can be upgraded once you’ve cleared all of the trials in the main quest of Isle of Armor. If you need help starting the main quest, you can check our guide for that here. Until you clear all the trials, you’re going to have to live with an area that has very limited Pokemon Center functionality.

Once you’ve cleared the trials, talk to Honey after she laments about not having enough Watts. She will inform you that she can upgrade the Dojo if she gets some Watts.

Donate as much as you’d like and as you give Honey more and more Watts, more options such as a fully functioning Rotomi and a hairstylist will become available.

We’re still currently figuring out all the Dojo Upgrades in Isle of Armor but we’ll be sure to update this list once we find out more. Here’s what we have so far.

All Dojo Upgrades in Pokemon Isle of Armor

  • 5,000 Watts: Hair Stylist
  • 10,000: A Rotomi Terminal… that doesn’t work
  • 20,000: A Rotomi Terminal… that does work
  • 30,000: Vending Machine
  • 40,000: Adds Soda Pop to Vending Machine
  • 50,000: Adds Lemonade to Vending Machine
  • 100,000: Adds Refrigerator
  • 200,000: Adds Nutrious Drinks to Vending Machine

As we donate more Watts, and figure out all the dojo upgrades in Pokemon: Isle of Armor we’ll continue to update this post.

In the mean time best of luck exploring the wild lands of the Isle of Armor and with your new adventure with your new poke-friend Kubfu!

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