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Minecraft: How to Make a Redstone Repeater

minecraft redstone repeater

Minecraft: How to Make a Redstone Repeater

Wondering how to make a Redstone Repeater in Minecraft and what they can be used for? In this guide, we’ll run you through both of those things so by the end you’re a Redstone Repeater expert.

Making a Redstone Repeater in Minecraft

Let’s cut right to the chase. A Redstone Repeater can be crafted with the following items:

  • Redstone Torch x2
  • Redstone Dust x1
  • Stone x3

These should be placed in your 3×3 crafting grid like so:

minecraft redstone repeater

All Redstone Repeater Uses

Redstone Repeaters can be used for numerous different purposes in Minecraft. We’ve listed and explained each of these below.

1. Signal Transmission

By placing Redstone Repeaters next to one another and causing a line, you can use repeaters to transmit a signal from its back to its front and pass it on to another repeater.

This can be useful for linking a lever to pistons, so that when you pull the lever, the pistons begin working. These can be more effective than just using Redstone Dust, as the power will only ever go in one direction.

This means they’ll never accidentally connect with a mechanism you didn’t want them to.

2. Repeating Signals

In a normal Redstone system in Minecraft, you’ll find that a Redstone signal will die after 15 blocks.

Redstone Repeaters can be placed to help ‘boost’ or repeat a signal, allowing it to be carried further and for larger, more complex creations to be made.

3. Delaying Signals

Finally, a Redstone Repeater can be used to delay signals by 1-4 ticks. This can be selected by right-clicking the repeater or pressing L2 on PS4, LT on Xbox One, or L on Switch.

One tick equates to about 0.1 seconds of real-life time. It may only be a marginal delay, but this can be crucial in making creations with multiple Redstone signals work properly.

There you have everything there is to know on how to make a Redstone Repeater in Minecraft. There are more guides for you to read down below, or you can search for Twinfinite for any of your other video game guide needs.

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