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6 Reasons Persona 4 Golden on PC Is a Must (Re)Play


6 Reasons Persona 4 Golden on PC Is a Must (Re)Play

After many years confined to the criminally under-appreciated PlayStation Vita platform, Persona 4 Golden (affectionately referred to as P4G) was recently released on PC, allowing an entirely new audience to experience one of the best JRPG’s ever made.

The original PS2 release was already a phenomenal game, but with the added content and improvements that came alongside the Golden moniker, P4G is an exemplary game that you should be playing if you never got the chance (and even if you did, you should again). Let’s take a look at just a few of the many reasons why.

It’s the Definitive Version of One of the Best JRPG’s Ever Made

Persona 4 Golden brought with it numerous changes from the original release, from minor things like combat tweaks and bug fixes, to massive things like a new ending, two entirely new Social Links and enhanced graphics and additional music tracks.

It took what was already a cult-classic game from the PS2 era and modernized it, setting the stage for the mainstream success (and dare I say, over-saturation) of Persona 5. Between its thrilling combat, gripping narrative, and unforgettable companions, P4G set a new benchmark for JRPG’s everywhere, and its a bar few studios are capable of clearing.

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