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Resident Evil 3: What to Do With Wooden Crates

resident evil 3 wooden crates

Resident Evil 3: What to Do With Wooden Crates

The streets of Raccoon City aren’t as empty as you might expect them to be amidst a zombie outbreak. You’ll find generators to help you stun zombies and Nemesis, there are weapons stashed away that you can pick up for extra horsepower, and other consumables just waiting for you to collect. Then there are those wooden crates in Resident Evil 3.

Wooden Crates in Resident Evil 3

Wooden crates work in exactly the same way as they have done in other games in the series. Damage them enough and they’ll break and you’ll find a number of handy consumables like green herbs, gunpowder, ammo or first-aid sprays inside.

The contents of each wooden crate will be completely random, however, so keep in mind they’re not always a surefire bet for getting a particular item.

As such, it makes sense to always break a wooden crate whenever you can, but don’t waste your ammo. Instead, always make sure to make use of Jill and Carlos’ melee attacks.

This can be done by pressing and holding the L2/LT trigger, and then pressing the R2/ RT trigger. Doing so will cause your character to swing their knife in front of them. Do this in front of a box and you’ll break it, saving you some precious rounds of ammo.

There you have all you need to know about wooden crates in Resident Evil 3. Head over to our wiki for more guides, search for Twinfinite for news, reviews, and features, or check out more of our coverage below.

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