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Fortnite: Deadpool’s Pool Floaty Location

fortnite deadpool pool floaty

Fortnite: Deadpool’s Pool Floaty Location

Following the arrival of the Fortnite Skye’s Adventure week 8 challenges yesterday, Epic has today also released some new Fortnite Deadpool week 8 challenges, too. The first of these requires players to ‘Find Deadpool’s Pool Floaty.’ Completing both of the week 8 Deadpool challenges will unlock a new unmasked style for the Deadpool skin. Here’s where the Fortnite Deadpool’s Pool Floaty location is.

Deadpool’s Pool Floaty Location

As has been the case with all of Deadpool’s other random items we’ve had to find for these challenges (milk carton, chimichangas, katanas, plunger, big black marker and stuffed unicorn), you’ll find Deadpool’s Pool Floaty laying around the Battle Pass screen.

Go to the Agents option in the top left-hand corner of this screen and select ‘Skye’ from the list that appears. Here, you’ll find Deadpool’s Pool Floaty in the bottom right-hand corner of Skye’s room laying among her other belongings.

Dance at Deadpool’s Yacht Party to Get the Unmasked Style

After finding his inflatable, you’re ready to head to the party. Hop into Solos, Duos, Squads, or Rumble and make your way to The Yacht in the northeast corner of the map. It’s now covered in Deadpool decorations and the party’s poppin’ off.

Simply land here and begin using any dance or emote and the challenge will complete. Congratulations, you’ve completed Fortnite’s Deadpool week 8 challenges and unlocked the new Unmasked skin style.

For more tips, tricks, and guides, head over to our guide wiki, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our coverage on Epic’s Battle Royale giant below.

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