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Where to Find Deadpool’s Milk Carton in Fortnite

Fortnite Deadpool Milk Carton

Where to Find Deadpool’s Milk Carton in Fortnite

Everyone’s favorite anti-hero, Deadpool, has made his way to Fortnite. It’s not as simple as selecting his skin from your Locker, though. You’ll need to unlock him by completing a series of typically Deadpool challenges. Here’s where to find Deadpool’s Milk Carton in Fortnite.

Deadpool Milk Carton Location in Fortnite

Deadpool’s Milk Carton requires you to actually jump into a game this time and find it somewhere on the map. While the Chimichangas and Deadpool’s Letter could simply be found around the HQ, the Milk Carton requires a bit more searching, as it’s tucked away quite well.

To find it, you’ll want to go to Deadpool’s bathroom through the vent on the Battle Pass screen.

Once here, and when the week 2 Deadpool challenges eventually go live, you’ll be able to interact with the milk carton on the left-hand side of the screen. It’s sitting just on top of the urinal, by the hand dryer and the heart graffiti on the wall.

fortnite deadpool milk carton location
Deadpool Milk Carton Location in Fortnite

Just like Deadpool’s letter that you had to get for the week 1 challenge, all you need to do once you’ve found the milk carton is pick it up. Doing this will unlock the second part of the week 2 Deadpool challenges, which is to find his Chimichangas.

Once the Deadpool 2 week challenges go live, we’ll be sure to have all of their locations detailed for you in a separate guide, which we’ll link here. You can also check out the week 2 Brutus’ Briefings challenges here.

That’s everything you need to know to find the Fortnite Deadpool Milk Carton location. Check out our ever-expanding Chapter 2 Season 2 wiki for more tips and tricks on the current season.

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