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5 Best Resident Evil 3 Remake Mods You Need to Try

resident evil 3 remake mods

5 Best Resident Evil 3 Remake Mods You Need to Try

While Twinfinite’s overall experience with Resident Evil 3 Remake was positive, the game’s short length and lack of replayability was a disappointment we spent a fair bit of our review lamenting. Resident Evil 3 Remake Mods though have picked up the slack a bit.

For the PC players who agree 5-10 hours just wasn’t enough time spent exploring Raccoon City, the talented modding community has us covered. Less than a month after its launch, there’s already a plethora of great content that reason to go back and experience the game again.

Best Resident Evil 3 Remake Mods

More Investigation

For this modernized remake, we were hoping Capcom would open up Raccoon City and give us a chance to explore its nooks and crannies. Sadly, it ended up being a strangely linear affair.

Enter the More Investigation mod, which removes a number of barricades and blocked off areas to make for a revised city map which feels so much more liberating. There are new alleyways and rooms to explore with new items scattered about.

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