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BioShock: How to Get Nitroglycerin

Bioshock Nitroglycerin

BioShock: How to Get Nitroglycerin

Some of you may have just started the BioShock Collection after its run on PS Plus last month. If that’s the case, this is a guide that you may need. Here’s how to get the nitroglycerin in BioShock.

Getting the Nitroglycerin in BioShock

Starting the Mission

The nitroglycerin is a plot item that you’ll need once the game instructs you to create an Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb. It’s one of three major components needed to complete the EMP Bomb that’ll overload the energy core in Hephaestus before you reach Andrew Ryan’s office.

This mission will begin once you find the “Assembling the Bomb” Audio Diary left by the Chief Supervising Engineer, Kyburz, in a secret crawlspace within the Lower Workshops area in Hephaestus.

Obtaining the Nitroglycerin

The nitroglycerin item in BioShock can be found on the lower level of the Workshops, inside the office of Supervisor Kyburz. The office is guarded by two turrets, so it’s pretty hard to miss since they’ll be shooting at you.

The office is also covered in trap bolts, which can be easily disabled with the Telekinesis plasmid by plucking the traps from their resting places.

Once you’re safely inside, obtaining BioShock’s nitroglycerin is fairly simple. All you’ll need to do is press a button found on the side of the desk in order to open the glass compartment in the wall. However, once you press the button, another turret will appear, so be prepared for that.

BioShock Nitroglycerin Button
Source: BioShock Wiki

That’s everything you’ll need to know on how to get the nitroglycerin in BioShock. If you need any more tips on the BioShock trilogy of games, check out these guides below:

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