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Best Animal Crossing Games, All 5 Ranked


Best Animal Crossing Games, All 5 Ranked

5. Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii)

best animal crossing games ranked

Oh Animal Crossing: City Folk. It had all the ingredients required to be a smash-hit game that put Animal Crossing on the map in a bigger and better way than ever before. It was introducing a city area for players to explore, it featured Wii Speak, allowing players to speak to one another online, and it was on the Nintendo Wii, which sold an absolute ton. Over 100 million units to be precise.

Yet when City Folk arrived, it felt like a bit of a disappointing cash-in on Nintendo’s part. The city area was lackluster and didn’t really offer that slice of metropolitan life that players were craving. Outside of that, there weren’t any major new features or improvements from the DS entry, Wild World.

What you’re left with is an Animal Crossing game that was underwhelming at the time, and the weakest in the mainline series so far.

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