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Plague Inc: How to Beat Virus on Normal

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Plague Inc: How to Beat Virus on Normal

If you’ve decimated the Earth‘s population with bacteria, then you’re ready to jump into the exciting world of virus creation. It’s a bit more difficult, but with our help, you can learn how to beat Virus on Normal in Plague Inc.

How to Beat Virus on Normal in Plague Inc

Bacteria is easy to deal with since you can just devolve any symptoms you get from mutations. Then all you need to do is sit back, let it silently infect the world and then blow all your DNA on the most fatal symptoms like Coma or Total Organ Failure.

Viruses are a bit more tricky since they mutate much more rapidly than bacteria. You’re not going to be able to devolve all your mutations without spending a hefty amount of DNA to stay undetected.

Nausea, insomnia and coughing are fine to keep around as long as you don’t let them get too out of hand too quickly. You’ll want to avoid rashes, cysts or abscesses since they’re outwardly visible and abnormal symptoms that can quickly raise caution among the public.

When it comes to a starting location, you’ll want to begin in Saudi Arabia. It’s a good centralized location that has direct access to three of the hardest places to infect in Madagascar, New Zealand and Iceland.

Even though viruses can be difficult to handle, you’ll still want to focus on only growing modes of transmission and temperature resistances first. Then, you can move into the more deadly symptoms.

Time needed: 1 hour.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how to beat Virus on Normal in Plague Inc:

  1. Start in Saudi Arabia

    This is a good centralized location that also has direct access to a number of difficult to infect islands.

  2. Manage your mutations wisely

    Common illness symptoms like nausea, coughing and insomnia are fine. Devolve mutations that cause easily visible symptoms like cysts or rash.

  3. Focus on resistances

    Do this along with step 4. Hot and cold resistances are good options. Drug resistance can be good later on. The genetic reshuffle can help to slow things down if a cure is nearly finished.

  4. Focus on transmission

    Do this along with step 3. Air transmission is going to be the most impactful option. You may also want to look at other forms based upon the mutations you keep (e.g. blood transmission combined with cysts).

  5. Become deadly

    You’ll probably already have a few symptoms at this point. Pour all your DNA into making them worse and extremely deadly (Coma, Organ Failure, Hemorrhagic Shock).

That’s everything there is to know about beating Virus on Normal in Plague Inc. If you want to learn about how to take out the world as a Fungus in Plague Inc, then you’re in luck. Check out our guide here.

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