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Plague Inc.: How to Win as the Fungus


Plague Inc.: How to Win as the Fungus


Want to Win as Fungus? Hit the ground running


Picking an ideal starting location is essential when playing the fungus in Plague Inc., since it’s such a difficult pathogen to spread.

Starting in Iceland or Greenland is the best course of action, especially when paired with some of our other tips. Seeing how these countries are the furthest apart from others, should you start elsewhere, it can become a complete pain to infect these two countries as airports and harbors start closing down later on in the match.

Others may claim starting off in India is the best course of action, and for every other pathogen in the game, we wholeheartedly agree. However, taking into consideration the latching nature of the fungus, it’s best to start of in an isolated country with poor environmental conditions.

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