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10 Characters Who Could Take a Punch from Saitama & Live to Tell the Tale


10 Characters Who Could Take a Punch from Saitama & Live to Tell the Tale

One Punch Man’s protagonist Saitama is cursed with incredible strength, able to kill most any foe with a single strike. Video games are home to their fair share of overpowered characters though, and so in honor of the release of One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, we’ve compiled a totally serious list of 10 video game characters who could take Saitama in a fight.

Kratos (God of War)

10 Video Game Characters Who Could Take One Punch Man's Saitama in a Fight

If there’s any video game character with experience taking down beings vastly stronger than himself, it’s God of War‘s Kratos.

A half-god who’s tangled with the entire Greek pantheon of deities, the protagonist of the God of War series has his fair share of otherworldly abilities. He can rip enemies apart limb from limb, weather blows that would leave mortals in a clump on the ground, and has even climbed back out of Hell itself after being successfully killed.

He’s likewise skilled with a variety of weapons and fighting styles. From his trademark Blades of Chaos and the Leviathon axe to his bare hands, he’s capable of dismantling an opponent with just about anything heavy, hard or sharp, and isn’t afraid to improvise when the need arises.

Now, admittedly, he’d probably need to get the drop on Saitama to implement any of these skills, and he may get creamed once or twice before he puts up a real fight. But hey, that’s still better than most other opponents could manage against the Caped Baldy.

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